Pebble Play

by Julie Conceicao


Use different coloured permanent ink markers and write letters of the alphabet on pebbles, with the lower case on one side and upper case of the same letter on the reverse. Children may then use these pebbles to form words. Early readers may use phonemic awareness to read the words they form or invent. For older children, write words instead of letters and they can form sentences or even tell a story with the pebbles.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Suitable For: 4 - 5 years old

Estimated Time: > 30 mins

Environment: Outdoors

Pebble Play

Learning Framework

  • Physical - None

  • Intellectual - Language skills

  • Emotional - Decision making, engagement, confidence building

  • Social - Interacting with family or friends


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Step 1

Wash the pebbles.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

On each pebble, write a letter of the alphabet in lower case on one side and the upper case of that same letter on the reverse. For older children, write commonly used words on some of the pebbles.

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step 3.jpg
  • Permanent markers

  • Pebbles

  • Dish of Water

  • Kitchen Towels

Step 2

Dry each pebble with the kitchen towels.

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Step 4

Gather the pebbles and children may form words using pebbles with letters. They may form actual or invented words and attempt to read them. For older children, use the pebbles that have words written on them and string them in sentences to form a story. Once it is done, read the story together.

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