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Student Programmes

STEAM workshops, Engineering, Sustainable Art, Robotics and many more.


National Tsing Hua University STEAM Programme

Take your child's knowledge to the next level through S.T.E.A.M exploration!

Children are given the opportunity to freely explore materials and make discoveries about the world around them. By providing the right environment and facilitation, children will be able to develop their own understanding of the world and prompt further investigation.

A great deal of STEAM learning that happens naturally!

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Sustainable Art

Create art while developing environmental consciousness

Using environmental friendly and upcycled mediums, Sustainable Art classes develop children in areas like creative expression, environmental awareness, art techniques and fine motor skills.

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Robotics Tech Toy PlayMaker

Nurturing young Digital Future makers

With the use of technology-enabled educational resources, children will acquire abilities like logical thinking, reasoning, sequencing, estimation, inventive thinking, communication skills, collaboration skills, and critical thinking through the PlayMaker programme.


Loose Parts Sensory Play

Infinite opportunities to think and create

Children will be given open-ended materials, known as loose parts, to play and tinker. They can be moved, arranged, designed, taken apart..., the possibilities are just as endless as a child's imagination! This programme develops children in areas like awareness of the senses, creativity, motor skills, language, pro-social skills, critical thinking, early literacy, math, art and more!

Built Environment 

Experiential Programme (BEEP)

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Discover the Joy of Building with Us!

With a huge emphasis on inductive and experiential learning, children are first facilitated incrementally to acquire the relevant skills for designing a solution. Using the "DIG DEEP" design thinking framework, they will then be guided to discover and subsequently synthesize their learning experience to form meaningful strategies for application.


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Superheroes Assemble!

A STEAM Craft & Play adventure awaits young learners

In this "Craft & Play" series, children will first understand the importance of upcycling as they design their own superhero tools for an exciting outdoor adventure. The craft segment encourages creativity use of recyclables and help children develop confidence and competency in engineering their own tools. The play segment conducted by outdoor play expers, "Let's Learn Outside!" will keep these active learners on their toes as they save their neighbourhood from alien invaders in an exciting mission outdoors.

A holistic STEAM learning adventure awaits!

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We are all Storytellers!

This is a fun-packed, interactive programme led by a highly experienced professional storyteller. In it, your children will join in participative stories, collaboratively create an original story and take part in story-based activities. They will have a fun time whilst developing their knowledge of story elements, their listening and speaking skills and many other important skills. Plus, teachers who sit in will learn some highly educational activities that they can put straight into use in their classrooms.

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The Story Factory

(For Lower Primary)

Bringing out the natural storytelling in all of us!

In this interactive workshop led by a highly experienced professional storyteller, pupils will learn a simple technique for creating effective stories, join in the telling of an interactive story and experience creating a story together as a group. The workshop will help them develop a basic knowledge of story structure, aid them in creating effective story plots and boost their confidence in their abilities to create and tell stories.

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Learning Through Stories

(For Preschools)

Museum of Science, Boston Engineering Camp


Raising the Engineering Mind

Challenge your child to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively as they design an object (technology) that solves an age-appropriate problem by making sound decisions. Through this holiday camp, children will be exposed to engineering and the engineering process in an engaging way.

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Feel the music and groove along!

Give your little ones the boost they need to soar tomorrow. Classes incorporate key children development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, self confidence, memory, creativity, coordination, resilience, perseverance and cultural awareness.

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Teachers' Programmes


Want to equip your teachers with certain skills? We can customised programmes to suit the learning needs of your school.

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Digital Literacy in Classrooms

Provide a more nuturing environment for children

In this session, we will examine how digital literacy/computational thinking is defined and integrated in our 21st century classrooms. We will also look at how educations can make use of digital literacy/computational environment for our children. Special emphasis is places on the specific challenges of designing technology-rich activities for children to learn, play and create in. We will explore a variety of technology and STEAM inspired best practices as well.

Team Building and Bonding


Not only to bond, but to grow together

Looking for fun and unique team bonding games for your corporate team bonding event? There are many things that you can do to show your teachers some appreciation and build the team at the same time!

Our programme promotes cohesion, problem solving, communication skills, creative thinking, teamwork amongother important attributes.

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Reaching Young Hearts:

Using storytelling to impart values

This workshop, led by a highly experienced professional storyteller, will show you how to use storytelling to impart positive values and foster the emotional and social development of young children. In the workshop, you will discover how stories can be structured and told to maximise their potential for positive influence. You will also gain ideas for after story activities that can enhance the effectiveness of a value story and aid in other learning areas.

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For Parents

Create positive experiences in learning so that it could shape our young children's lifelong relationship with learning through to their adulthood.


Parenting For Success

Parenthood doesn't have to be filled with so much anxiety

Parenting for Success workshop & talk aims to encourae meaningful play and quality interactions between parents and child. Hear from the experts on play tips and essential tools for parents.

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Parent-Child Bonding


Inspire creativity and fun at the comfort of your own home

Our Parent-child bonding workshop uses educational STEAM tools which empower kids to explore, create and learn hands-on! Children will bring home a set of tinker kit which parents can use to play and teach at the comfort of your own home.


Learning Journeys

Ignite the interest in nature through outdoor learning.

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Outdoor and Nature Learning Journey

Ignite the interest in nature through outdoor learning

Join us on a learning journey to the great outdoors and engage the little ones with our nature-themed hands-on workshops!

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Trick Eye Museum Learning Journey

Singapore's first 3D + AR museum

Embark on your learning journey with Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Trick Eye Museum is a place for discovery, creativity and learning. Discover a different world of optical illusions, and engage your students with art, science, history, math and creative thinking. To enhance the experience, the learning journey comes with complimentary activity sheets, games or other acitivites.

*suitable for preschools, primary schools and secondary schools


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