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EST 2019

Kindred Studio SG

Welcome to Kindred Studio SG, an initiative by Preschool Market, established to promote sustainability in the community through best practices and green initiatives. Kindred Studio SG serves as a resource hub to provide preschool educators with free upcycling/recycling materials.

Recyclables Hub




Join our Kindred Community!

Join Us for Free!
  • Free Teachers' Training @ Kindred Studio SG

  • Schools will get a variety of recycled materials

  • Materials are clean

  • Can be delivered to preschools at minimal delivery costs

  • Welcome pack will be given to each new sign up

Reindeer on Hill Green
Paper Plane

Come and share your stories with us. Fill up this google form to share with us how you have used the recyclables for your projects or activities. 

Get a feature for your story on our blog and social media. 

Your Stories

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