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International Early Childhood Conference IECC 2023

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Dear educators, 

Join us for a transformative and enriching experience at the International Early Childhood Conference at Kota Kinabalu! This conference promises to be an extraordinary opportunity for all attendees to immerse themselves in a world of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and networking with experts from across the globe. Hear from esteemed speakers from the field of early childhood education that will be delivering thought-provoking keynote sessions, igniting your passion and motivating you to implement positive changes in your classrooms.

While you are there, have a feel of the rich heritage and warmth of Sabah's local culture through various cultural events and activities, leaving you with cherished memories!

Join us on this trip to Sabah, this includes the conference and visits to preschools. 

The total cost for this trip is at $1200 only /- 

  • Twin sharing 

  • Flights and transportation included 

  • Breakfast and lunch are included 

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