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  • Sentosa Nature Explorer's at Imbiah Trail 

Join Kay the Explorer and discover the deep unknowns of Mount Imbiah Trail! Learn about the flora and fauna around us and how different species may coexist with one in this diverse ecosystem. 

In the onsite journey, students will embark on a quest to reach the Dragon's Keep! Along the way, they will have to reach certain landmarks and overcome the different obstacles that can be found in Imbiah Trail. 

  • Singapore's Kindness Movement Kindsville @ Playscape 

This is a learning journey specially curated by Singapore Kindness Movement and Preschool Market, to teach preschoolers to be kind enough through three checkpoints. 

1.  Food sustainability 

2. Being considerate on the road

3. Appreciating others


  • Sentosa Wartime Travellers at Fort Siloso

Through this learning journey, students will discover the rich history and culture of Singapore, as well as gain a deeper understanding of life in Singapore during World War 2.

Students will also learn about the construction of Fort Siloso and the part it played before, during and after the Japanese Occupation. Students will also get the chance to create a walkie-talkie and immerse themselves in the history of the Singapore Straits. 

  • Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 

How do we celebrate Chinese Festivals? 

Students would be engaged in an interactive guided tour of the exhibition to learn more about how Chinese festivals have evolved and are being celebrated in Singapore today. In the workshop, students would create craftwork that reinforces their understanding of the traditions celebrated during Chinese festivals. 

Spot the cultural differences 

Students would be engaged as cultural detectives during this multi-sensorial guided tour and learn to identify between borrowed and created words as well as unique local dishes. In the hands-on activity which follows, students get to deepen their understanding of cultural differences through craftwork. 

  • Trickeye Museum Learning Journey 


Singapore's first 3D + AR museum


Embark on your learning journey with Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Trick Eye Museum is a place for discovery, creativity and learning. Discover a different world of optical illusions, and engage your students with art, science, history, math and creative thinking. To enhance the experience, the learning journey comes with complimentary activity sheets, games or other activities.

  • Gateway Theatre's Children Theatre Shows 

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