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Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2022

SSDB is an initiative by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to encourage preschools to to create authentic platforms for children to innovate, problem-solve and tap on their unique strengths to help others.

This year's theme is - Our Family, Our Community!


Check out the recordings and slides below to find out more!

Room 1

Caring for our friends and family

Centre for Fathering

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Sentosa Development Corporation

Singapore Kindness Movement

Room 2

Caring for our Community

Down Syndrome Association


NCSS Community Chest & Agency for Integrated Care


Singapore Red Cross

Caring for Nature and Environment I

Gardens By The Bay

National Environmental Agency

National Parks Board

Singapore Food Agency

Singapore Discovery Centre

Caring for Nature and Environment II

Mandai Wildlife Reserves 

Preschool Market

Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A Aquarium

Registration for SSDB 2022 is open!
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Be part of a movement that encourages our young children to give back to the community.

Sign up now & learn more at our SSDB connect session!
Date: 25 Feb 2022 (Friday) via Zoom

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Thank you for your participation in SSDB 2021
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As a token of appreciation, participating centres and children will be receiving a special 2021 SSDB closing package! 

Here is a list of what you should expect in the package:

Activity Worksheets from Sentosa 

Cafe vouchers from Gardens by the Bay 

Folders from Singapore Art Museum 

Rulers from Singapore Kindness Movement

Cutlery set from NCSS 

Sharity Stickers from Comm Chest 

Stickers from Singapore Food Agency 

Posters from Singapore Discovery Centre 

Highlighters and Postcards from MCCY

Note for the participating centres:

  • Please distribute items in PURPLE to the participating children

  • You can share items in GREEN within the centre

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SSDB E - Certificates

Thank you for contributing and giving back to the community through the Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2021 project!

This year all certificates will be digitalised, including the blank certificates for the children. We have attached the certificates in the email and it has been sent out to all participating schools.


Drop us an email at  if you didn't receive your e-certificate or download the blank certificate for your children here.

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Paper Weaving Basket
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Weaving is an ethnically diverse form of craft. A very prominent example of a weaving product is a basket. Why especially baskets? The craft of weaving baskets plays a significant role as an icon for both culture and ethnicity.  This embraces the value of diversity. 


Next, weaving is a craft that is easily learnt. As a community in Singapore, we must seek to weave inclusivity in our society, regardless of the needy, the disabled or the elderly. 


We can use a fruit basket as a comparison to the community. Every fruit needs to be included in the basket to transform it into a beautiful fruit basket. Likewise, it is only when everybody is included (the disabled, needy and elderly), then we are able to transform into a beautiful community. A basket is also used to hold and carry things. Hence, as teachers or parents, we want to carry every child through their growing years, embracing their diverse needs. 

SSDB Activity Kit

Download the SSDB activity kit  for parents and children to work on together. This kit focuses on the key themes of SSDB and hands-on activities! Have fun!

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Send us your SSDB Stories!

In line with SSDB's theme this year, "Stay Connected, Make a difference", fulfilling and enriching curriculums were conducted. The little ones were able to do good for the communities despite the pandemic restrictions.

Tell us all about it and we will feature your story in our blog!

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