If you would like to partner us for SSDB 2021, do indicate your interest here.


For SSDB 2021, Preschool Market has 2 key community projects are:


1) Project Kindred Community

2) Project Helping Hands

For more information, refer to our briefing deck.


ECDA Partners and Resources

Preschool Market SSDB

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An Activity Kit that introduces the key themes for Start Small Dream Big 2020. 

i. Caring for Family and Friends

ii. Caring for the Community

iii. Caring for the Environment

iv. Caring for Animals



SSDB 2019 

SSDB Partner's Resource Materials 2019

Preschool Market SSDB

SSDB Briefing Slides 2019

President's Challenge

SSDB Briefing Album 2019

Get Started on your SSDB Project!

Launching and Implementing Your SSDB Project

Sustainability starts with Me!

An Educator's Guide written by educators from Little Footprints Preschool and Preschool Market.

Appreciating Our Heritage in Nature

An Educator's Guide curated by educators from Little Footprints Preschool, Preschool Market and Gardens by the Bay. 

What's Inside the Red Box?

An Educator's Guide written by educators from St. James Church Kindergarten.

The Curious Garden

An Educator's Guide written by educators from Kidz Meadow Child Development Centre. 

Karung Guni Boy

An Educator's Guide written by educators from Salvation Army Childcare Centre. 

Here's a guide on how you can make shakers using recyclables:

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