Milking Art

by Christine Lim Sushan


A unique way of creating an artwork through different milking motions.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Suitable For: 4-5 years old

Estimated Time: > 30 mins

Environment: Indoors

Milking Art

Learning Framework

  • Physical - Fine motor skills, wrist control.

  • Intellectual - Observing and comparing.

  • Emotional - Confidence and appreciation.

  • Social - Sharing the final art piece with others.


step 1.jpg

Step 1

Fill the piping bags with paint, one for each colour.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

Squeeze the piping bag with a milking motion and draw on the paper. Encourage your child to move the bag in different directions.

step 4.jpg

step 6.jpg

step 3.jpg
  • Construction paper

  • Piping bags

  • Scissors

  • Paint (inside plastic cups with ice cream sticks)

Step 2

Cut a small hole at the end of the piping bag using scissors.

step 3.jpg

Step 4

Dry the artwork and display it.

step 5.jpg


step 4.jpg

A Fruity Tea Party!.png