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PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove 571CC: From Nothing to Something

PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove 571CC has received lots of recycled materials from generous parents and community members. On their own, the scraps of cardboard, toilet rolls, and other materials may be unwanted and thrown away. The preschool teachers felt, 'All these materials would have gone to waste if left unused.'

The preschool centre embarks on a journey of upcycling by incorporating the use of recycled materials into their learning activities. In addition, recycled materials serve as a form of teaching aid. Therefore, the teachers were encouraged to think of fun upcycling projects to use these recycled materials. They started with nothing. But they have transformed the recycled materials into many imaginative creations for Project Upcycle 123!

However, it wasn't just the teachers who planned the activities. The students rose to the occasion and put their creative minds to work. They would suggest activities they could undertake while the preschool teacher facilitated the ongoing project.

A comment made by Ms Jennifer, a teacher of the PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove 571CC, "I enjoy upcycling. I also love to see the wonderful and creative ideas that the students come up with."

The active collaboration between the students and the teachers led to the upcycled creations of plant pots, game boxes, toy wagons and much more. The students would also paint and colour the upcycled crafts, which was a process that they found enjoyable.

All in all, this project allowed the preschool to save money. Instead of buying new things, the preschool could use recycled materials to teach and inspire a spirit of upcycling among the students. The community's involvement in gathering upcycled materials also helps to increase environmental awareness.

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