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Grace House @ Bukit Batok: Project Upcycle 123

Grace House @ Batok Bukit was discussing “Our Future” when they thought about the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Inspired by this, the preschool embarked on the project as they thought about how the students could help to play a part in recycling to save the Earth.

Their project included a Show and tell presentation, an activity that was in their curriculum. The preschool involved the parents to create an upcycled craft with their children using recycled materials, such as paper cups, bottle caps, cardboard and much more. From this activity, the children and parents had a special family bonding moment as they worked together to create their recyclable crafts.

Images of how the students used the recycled materials.

Subsequently, the children brought their wonderful masterpieces to schools to showcase and share with the other children. Some of the stunning creations included a cardboard house with cut-out egg cartons for chairs and cardboard drawings of people. There was a cardboard spin-to-win wheel, paper flowers, plastic bottle rockets and many other stunning crafts.

Images of the student’s creations.

Overall, this project was a meaningful activity for the students and parents who got to brainstorm ideas and get their hands started with creative creations. They also played a part in saving the Earth!

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