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Starlearners @ Elias: Project Upcycle 123

Inspired by Chris Van Dusen’s ‘If I Built a School’ where the main character, Jack, had grand ideas for his version of a perfect school, the K1 children went on a wild ride with Jack’s creations and imagination – brainstorming a few outlandish suggestions too!

To kick off the project, the children came together and shared about the things they like about their school – the windows, the playground and the spacious toilet. With various ideas, the children voted for one area of the school to focus on – the stairs. From rock-climbing walls to slides, and even wind tunnels and a cable car system, the children ventured on the project with the idea of making travelling up and down the stairs an adventure!

Embarking on the next phase of the project, the children worked together to build a 3D model of their fun-filled blueprint and brought their imagination to life. To do so, the children collated various kinds of recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and ice cream sticks for each part of the model. While building a firm and stable base for the individual levels, they also learnt about measurement! The children worked together in small groups to put all their crafts together – ladder, slides and more. Through this process, they learnt to better communicate and collaborate with one another to get things done.

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