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PCF Sparkletots @ Changi Simei Blk 131: Project Upcycle 123

With the increasing concern regarding intergenerational relationships, PCF Sparkletots @ Changi Simei Blk 131 decided to settle on the said theme in conjunction with their National Day celebration.

The preschool worked hand in hand with PCF Sparkle Care and organised intergeneration meaningful activities such as cultural performances and craft works using recyclable materials. They received recyclable boxes from the People’s Association and decided to work with what they have amongst the students and the seniors from Sparkle Care.

Car-shaped creations were made by cutting out the shape and painting. To enhance the painting experience, the seniors used hand gloves instead of paint brushes to paint the cars! Similarly, the students also enjoyed the painting process.

Images of seniors in the process of painting.

The students were also engaged in a mini planting activity – with the aid of their parents who contributed recyclable bottles and containers, seeds were planted in these planters. To further bring the two generations closer, the students kindly shared their mini plants with the seniors at Sparkle Care and this action brought a smile to the seniors’ faces.

Images of the mini plants grown by the students.

All in all, the project has made an impact by uniting the students and seniors in ways that enriches their lives and helps address the concern. They also learnt that they can all play a part in contributing to sustainability by upcycling and exploring ways to care and share for the people around them. It has also been the school’s dream to have a beautiful eco-garden to enhance the frontage of the premise with plants and greenery amidst the concrete jungle and embarking on the project has made it happen.

Images of the students’ and seniors’ final creations.

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