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PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove Blk 364 : Project Upcycle 123

Joint participation in hands-on activities is a great way to bring parents and children closer together while giving the children an opportunity to showcase their artistic flair and creativity - PCF Sparkletots @ Woodgrove Branch Blk 364 conceptualised their project with that idea in mind.

In line with the preschool’s upcoming curriculum theme, the nursery students were invited to work on their projects with regards to the topics ‘Transportation’ and ‘My Wonderful Country’.

Along with the ‘Go Green’ initiative, the preschool collected various recyclable materials such as cereal boxes, milk cartons and egg cartons, with the assistance of the parents. Transportations such as plane, boat and bus were crafted by the Nursery 2 students while local iconic structures including Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer were created by the Nursery 1 students.

The meaningful process encouraged the students to gain more knowledge about upcycling while fostering closer bonds with their parents. Exercising their verbal skills, the students were also engaged in a show-and-tell to share about their masterpieces. To sum it up, it was an enriching and memorable experience for both students and parents.

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