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Doing good with a taste of local flavor - Global Tots Charity Cafe

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

On 21st July, we joined preschoolers from Global Tots Braddell for their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) event. In conjunction with Racial Harmony Day, the centre transformed their classrooms and set up their very own Global Tots Charity Cafe, where parents and family members were served food from a menu inspired by cuisines of various races. The menu comprised of Nasi Lemak with Sambal, Chicken Curry with Potato, Steam Fish with Spring Chicken, Hawaiian Pizza and a glass of Lemon Juice with Mint Leaves, giving diners a taste of local flavour on this Racial Harmony Day. The full proceeds from the Charity Cafe would be going to the President’s Challenge.

The preschoolers helped out with the preparation of the food prior to the event. On the day itself, they were in charge of running the cafe from sitting the diners to serving them food and drinks. They had an opportunity to have a brief experience of operating their very own cafe.

Behind the scenes: Waiting eagerly in line, preparing to serve food to the diners

The preschoolers were in high spirits as they lined up to collect the food and beverages where they would then serve to all the diners seated at the tables in their cafe.

Soon after everyone was served and were enjoying their meal, the preschoolers put up short performances of songs and dances which represented the different races of Singapore, celebrating our multi-racial culture.

Parents enjoying the performance put up by their children.

Malay song and dance performance.

In addition, the preschoolers from Global Tots also put up a short fashion show and catwalk to showcase the ethnic costumes of the various races of Singapore.

The short performances and fashion show put up by the children was seen as a platform to prepare them for an upcoming concert they would have in the later part of the year and it was a good exposure to have them present themselves in front of a crowd. Global Tots Charity Cafe was a success, bringing about numerous takeaways for the children from basic cafe operations and service to performing in front of an audience. We also hope that everyone at Global Tots Braddell had enjoyed themselves thoroughly through participating in the event and at the same time knowing that it is all for a good cause supporting the SSDB project, an initiative by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to inculcate the value of community service.

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