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Project Replay @ PlayPan with Star Learners @ Hougang

Star Learners @ Hougang took on a commendable initiative this year, aligning with the SSDB theme of "Let’s be a zero waste hero." The project, in collaboration with Project Replay @ PlayPan, aimed to instill the values of reducing, reusing, and recycling in the children, promoting environmental responsibility and resourcefulness. The journey brought forth valuable lessons and contributions from both children and parents.

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling:

The children at Star Learners @ Hougang embarked on a 4 to 6-week journey to understand the lifestyle of a zero waste hero. Through video clips and stories, teachers instilled the importance of reducing waste and how to go about recycling that was inspired by the karang guni boy's story where he gave a second life to recycled items and made toys out of them. 

Creative Endeavors:

Homeschool partnership with parents invites parents to bring recycled materials from home to school. In small groups, the children engaged in hands-on activities, transforming recycled materials into toys, stationeries, and household items. This not only taught them about resourcefulness but also instilled a sense of responsibility toward the environment. The collaboration with Project Replay @ PlayPan added a meaningful touch, as parents and children donate preloved toys, extending the learning beyond the classroom.

Challenges and Learnings:

Despite the positive response, challenges emerged. Soft toys unsuitable for donation, posed an unexpected hurdle. In reflection, the team recognized the need for clearer guidelines for future collaborations. Moving forward, they aspire to work closely with Project Replay to specify the types of items suitable for donation, ensuring a more streamlined process.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle:

The project concluded with an activity promoting a healthy eating lifestyle. Children took charge of preparing their own lunch boxes, reinforcing the theme of zero waste sustainability. This not only contributed to their social and emotional development but also instilled empathy and generosity. The project aimed to bridge the gap between privileged and less privileged children, fostering inclusivity and equality.

In conclusion, Star Learners @ Hougang's participation in Project Replay @ PlayPan showcased the success of combining the SSDB theme with a community-driven initiative. While challenges surfaced, they provided valuable insights for future endeavors. The project not only educated the children on the importance of zero waste but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility and empathy, making them true zero waste heroes. The hope is to continue such meaningful collaborations, creating a lasting impact on both the children and the community. 

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