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Star Learners @ Jurong East & SLEC Ayer Rajah Centre: Caring for the Elderly

To foster intergenerational awareness and promote active communication between two generations, Star Learners @ Jurong East decided on the theme of ‘Caring for the Elderly’ for their SSDB project.

The project covers two aspects: within the family and the community.

The kindergarteners are to discover more about their grandparents and come back with various information.

For the community aspect of our project, Star Learners @ Jurong East collaborated with SLEC Ayer Rajah Centre for the first time this year, facilitated by the SSDB partners, Agency for Integrated Care and Community Chest.

Star Learners @ Jurong East organised a food donation drive and there was an overwhelming response from the parents who contributed various food items. Together with fridge magnets and well-written wishes that the children prepared, the items were packed into personalised linen pouches and gifted to the elders at SLEC Ayer Rajah Centre during the visit.

The visiting children performed to the elders in Mandarin, reciting poems, singing and dancing. The eldercare centre was filled with joy and laughter when the children and elders interacted and completed crafts together. The children were excited when they presented the elders with their personalised crafted pouches and when they met Sharity!

The children had a fun-filled and enriching experience as they realised that their presence and interaction, along with small gestures could mean the world to the elders. It was an equally memorable and engaging session for the elders with the resumption of physical interactions post COVID-19.

Star Learners @ Jurong East hopes to inspire others to start expressing their love and care to those closest to them and to others in the community.

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