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LFP x SWAMI Intergen Activity

What do you get when seniors and preschoolers come together? Tons of smiles and joy!

For the third consecutive year, Little Footprints Preschool (Admiralty) and Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home partnered for an intergenerational collaboration under the Start Small Dream Big initiative by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

This year, the children had their first physical interaction with the seniors since the collaboration began in 2021.

In May, the children, together with their parents, paid a visit to plant a variety of seeds in the Home’s garden with the seniors. They returned in mid-August to donate essentials, check out the plants’ progress, and the children also put up a song-and-dance performance. Sharity made a special appearance, bringing much cheer to all the participants!

The seniors at the Home thoroughly enjoyed the performance and appreciated the efforts of the children. Being able to see the fruits of their gardening labour also brought a sense of accomplishment.

Through the collaboration, the children gained meaningful insights from the seniors’ life lessons and learnt how to take care of others, instilling a greater sense of social responsibility in them. More of such intergenerational activities are being planned and we’re glad to see both seniors and children enjoying themselves and gaining from this experience!

If your preschool or Community Care Organisation is keen to embark on intergenerational activities, contact the Agency for Integrated Care at!

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