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Bethel Day Care Centre: Project Upcycle 123 - ‘Do you SEE what we SEA?’

Inspired by their love for sea creatures, Bethel Day Care Centre decided to embark on a meaningful direction of bringing to light the amazing and beautiful creatures for the project.

The theme ‘Do you SEE what we SEA?’ was conceptualized with the goal of inspiring, encouraging and empowering the students to care for creation and the environment by using recycled materials to create various sea creatures of their own choice. By doing so, not only would the students be contributing to upcycling and recycling, but they would also have the opportunity to explore and experiment with different materials and mediums.

Images of the completed marine animals crafts and process of creating them

The completed artwork was presented in the form of an ocean where there were various animals crafted with magazine paper, paper plates, bottle caps and many other materials. The students also made use of different mediums to decorate and enhance their masterpiece, which was an enjoyable process for them.

Images of the Finished Ocean Masterpieces

Overall, it was a valuable and enriching experience for the students as they got to experience first-hand and understand how a simple action can make a difference. To wrap up the project, Bethel Day Care Centre strongly believes that everyone can play a part in treasuring and taking care of ocean life.

Image of a Class Photo with the Completed SEA Artworks

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