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Little Footprints Woodlands: United We Stand in Kindness

The theme of Little Footprints Woodlands’ Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project seemed written in the stars. “Stay Connected, Make a Difference” was conceived as a result of the staff’s affinity for animals and the student’s interest in pets. Conducted in conjunction with their Singapore Kindness Movement initiative, compassion appeared at the very essence of both projects.

The centre believes that the project’s topic –– both digestible and joy eliciting – was all-embracing for every student regardless of their age group. That meant that it was increasingly inclusive across the board and more active participation could be expected.

The preschool’s partnership with Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) allowed the student’s parents to be involved. As the organisation required donations, family members became a helpful resource to be tapped into for contributions of used newspapers, preloved toys and old towels, all relatively easily accessible in an average household.

Additionally, sustainability was a running element throughout the initiative. An auction day was concepted to enable the kids to create items from recyclables sourced from Kindred Studio. The students from K1 worked hard to produce tote bags whilst their older counterparts from K2 made coasters and bracelets. Participating during auction day was yet another way parents could do their part by purchasing the crafts made. All proceeds would go to the SPCA.

Image of a student inserting the items made in school into nearby letterboxes.

As for the items that the playgroup and pre-nursery children made, they weren’t for sale but were instead disseminated into nearby letterboxes as a form of contactless gifting.

The preschool had to go through ups and downs to eventually find success in their SSDB project, henceforth, they want to reassure other preschools and advise patience and strong faith in group effort.

Sabrina Ong Hwee Pheng, the Principal of Little Footprints @ Woodlands says, “We need to stay together, united. Show respect and understanding to all the people around us – especially the front-liners – so don’t forget to keep up the kindness.”

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