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YWCA Child Development Centre @ Bishan: Project Upcycle 123

Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore (YWCA) Child Development Centre @ Bishan embarked on two upcycling projects stimulated by the students’ concern towards plastic pollution and its effects on Earth.

Their project was conceptualized with two main purposes: to reduce the use of plastic bags and to make full use of plastic bags by upcycling them.

Memorable experiences were made, and so were reusable bags! Students put their creativity to play by creating reusable bags out of old clothes they personally brought from home. By doing so, they gained deeper insights into upcycling and sustainability, while contributing to reducing waste, and at the same time, adding their special touch.

Images of students making reusable bags out of their old clothes & their end products.

With the students’ genuine concern towards the possible ways to handle plastic bags rather than just lining them up in the trash bin, they came up with heaps of craft ideas and engaged in making kites out of plastic bags.

In conclusion, Project Upcycle 123 was a fun and enriching one for YWCA CDC @ Bishan. Not only were the students able to indulge in a creativity-filled experience, but they also felt satisfaction and pride for their contribution to recycling plastic bags.

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