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Whole Child Nurture Centre: Project Upcycle 123

With the aim to encourage environmental sustainability, Whole Child Nurture Centre @ Fernvale Link decided to come up with two art creations using a range of recyclable materials for their project.

Through active collaboration amongst the students and teachers, an attap house was made from materials such as cardboard, ice-cream sticks and pompom balls. The students had the opportunity to explore different materials - encouraging emergent thinking processes and allowing them to produce new understandings as they create the house with different rooms.

The students learned about upcycling and reusing materials while making a positive impact transforming used and unwanted items.

Their second art creation – ‘The Only Fish That Should Eat Plastic’, was conceptualised with the idea of spreading the message of not disposing trash into the sea and with greater environmental sustainability, a healthier community can be created. The students used recyclable materials such as crepe paper and plastic bags in an attempt to create texture for their artwork; bottle caps and toilet rolls for the fish’s body.

Overall, it was a valuable and enjoyable experience for the students of Whole Child Nurture Centre as they explored and contributed to saving the environment while being able to exercise their ideals.

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