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Skool4kidz Campus: Giving Love to the Environment

Drawing inspiration from their unanimous mindset of caring for the Earth, Skool4kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park decided on the theme ‘Giving Love to the Environment’ for their project.

On that note, the students worked hand in hand to plant various spices and herbs in their mini garden. During the process, it stood out to them that their mini garden needed some revamping to look less dull and empty. The concept of supporting Zero Waste Nation and emphasizing on the 3Rs were then brought up by the students.

Images of the mini garden before revamping.

After some brainstorming on how they would like to improve the outlook of their mini garden, they decided that they wanted to add flora and fauna decorations. Building on the idea of upcycling, the students collectively gathered recyclable materials to work on their project. They were even engaged in a park clean-up to collect these materials!

Images of the students being involved in a park clean-up and decoration of the garden.

On the whole, the students unleashed their creativity and successfully revamped their mini garden. From being involved in a park clean-up to attain the required materials to painting and decorating the garden, this project allowed the students to learn and spread the good word of sustainability through the engagement of their senses and motor skills.

Images of the mini garden after revamping.

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