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PCF Sparkletots @ Toa Payoh East Blk 232: Wonders of Music with Greenery

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Inspired by what they learnt during the Young Master Builders’, PCF Sparkletots @ Toa Payoh East Blk 232 settled on incorporating the element of multicultural music into their project and created musical instruments using natural and recyclable materials.

Conceptualized with the aim to develop the students’ love for nature and music through various hands-on activities for different levels, the preschool collaborated with Care Corner Social Day Care for the Elderly to create musical instruments together virtually.

Making of Rain Shakers (Music from Japan)

To kick off the project, infants of the preschool made rain shakers using plastic bottles, beans and twigs, encouraging exploration of the simple creation while immersing in a Japanese musical song ‘Haru Ga Kita’.

Images of infants(IF) and playgroup(PG) children making and exploring their rain shakers.

Fun Rhythm Sticks (Music from Japan)

The students from other levels (PN-K2) made rhythm sticks out of branches and yarn as well as kompangs using paper plates. These varying musical instruments were accompanied by a range of multicultural music such as ‘Zum Gali Gali’. Such activities serve as an encouragement for these students to further make use of their creativity to upcycle potential items.

In collaboration with Care Corner, the students had the opportunity to lead the elderly in making the shakers via Zoom sessions.

Image of students guiding the elderly in making shakers virtually.

In addition, the students took it up a notch and even crafted musical instruments like guitars, drums and flutes using recyclable materials!

Multicultural Concert

To wrap up the project, a mini multicultural concert was put up for the seniors and their parents, by the students. All in all, the students had an enjoyable and fun-filled experience while playing a part in contributing to sustainability – starting young but doing big things!

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