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My First Skool @ 682b Edgedale Plains: Creative Upcycling

My First Skool has done upcycling every term and Project Upcycle 123 is a new exposure for the children and parents. Together with the Start Small Dream Big initiative, the creative crafts made were inspired by the class themes at that point of time. For the Nursery, the children were tasked to make sounds based on the topic ‘I can hear’ while the Kindergarten 1 were talking about themselves and their families based on the topic ‘Myself and others’.

Creative Self Portraits

The children were invited to create 2 and 3 dimensional portraits using craft and recycled materials like bottle caps, straws, magazines, strings and cardboard pieces and many more.

Creative Chimes

The children created a family-made chime that will make sounds for a “Show and Tell” session with their peers using plastic cups and bowls, clips, strings, baskets, sponge and bells.

The children and their families were able to observe and be aware of the need to conserve natural resources in their everyday life by reducing consumption, reusing and recycling materials. They were able to experiment with the different materials and media to create more creative and out- of- the- box upcycling crafts. The children also had fun and were able to bond with their families. Through this project, My First Skool hopes to educate preschoolers on the importance of upcycling and recycling and to turn this into a habit.

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