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MindChamps Preschool @ The Brooke II: Project Upcycle 123

Making use of various recyclable materials from cardboard and toilet rolls to buttons and straws, MindChamps Preschool @ The Brooke II ventured into upcycling these materials by putting the students’ little minds to work and pouring great creativity.

Embarking on this project allowed the students to come up with fascinating upcycled creations such as a flower basket, a calendar and the list goes on. They also had the opportunity to paint and decorate their creations, which put a smile on these students’ faces.

Images of students making a flower basket & a calendar out of recyclable materials.

The students had the opportunity to jump right into their world of imagination. Additionally, a student who transformed cardboards and straws into a jungle maze said that it would be easy to get lost in her creation after walking about in the maze.

Images of student making a jungle maze out of cardboard and straws.

Through Project Upcycle 123 and the exploration of the upcycling theme, not only were the students able to understand the importance of protecting the Earth and its finite resources, but they also managed to make full use of the opportunity to experiment with various materials and showcase their spirit of contributing to the society and nature by putting together amazingly upcycled creations.

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