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Little Seeds Preschool: Project Upcycle 123

Doing hands-on activities is a great way of incorporating multiple skills for students to learn along the way and that is exactly the objective of Little Seeds Preschool @ St. Andrew for the project.

The project kicked off with a task for the students – to create art sculptures of either a man or an animal, out of cardboards. Sounds interesting, right? To instill the knowledge of recyclable materials, the students were introduced to cardboard.

Exercising various interpersonal and fine motor skills while spreading awareness on upcycling recycling, the students embarked on this project. The cardboards were flattened and softened to be easier deformed, and to create the students’ desired masterpieces.

Images of students exploring and rolling the cardboard.

Sculptures of a boy, a rabbit and a tiger were created after working and having fun together. The students played with the sculptures created by acting a fun plot that involved the characters they have created.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and enriching experience for the students while they experimented with a newly introduced recyclable material.

Image of the Completed Sculptures and the Painting Process

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