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Future of Learning at Learning Pod, The Marketplace, The Future of Us exhibition

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Something exciting is happening at The Future of Us exhibition. ECDA, together with IDA, KidsStop and Playeum, has put together a Learning Pod for pre-schoolers get a taste of how learning in the future can be like with interactive robots, hands on activities and free expression. Between 9am – 4pm (hourly slot except 12pm and 1pm), children will get a chance to sing and dance with Pepper, an interactive robot. On the stage, children can also leave their mark by colouring a robot.

In the centre of the Learning Pod is a dome structure where children can express how they want their learning to be like. There are also mascots around for children to take photos with. Children also can get to create their vehicle of the future with Playeum and watch and participate in interesting science activities by KidsStop, e.g. Wind tunnel and dry ice soap experiment. The Learning Pod is open 29 Feb to 2 Mar 9am -8:30pm. Have fun!

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