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SSDB Partners’ Month (May 2024)

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Start Small Dream Big (SSDB), we are pleased to have our partners, Defence Collective Singapore, Kindred Studio SG, National Library Board and Sentosa Development Corporation, offering complimentary programs for educators whose centres are taking part in the SSDB this year. 

We are delighted to have Sentosa,  one of our SSDB partners, offering complimentary programs. These programs range from discovering the marvels of coconut, to immersing in our natural environment, to crafting their own personalized perfume scents!

Co+Nut+ink Educational Recycling Program

Educators get to immerse themselves in Co+Nut+ink's educational recycling program, where they discover sustainability through engaging activities like fun games, art, and planting using coconut husks! This program focuses on ways to lessen carbon footprints and uses coconuts for different uses, such as the educator’s creation of a flower pot. 

Sharing by Co+Nut+ink

We have a facilitator from Co+Nut+ink to lead the educators for the activity scheduled for the day. Educators had the opportunity to engage in enjoyable and inspiring environmental stewardship activities, such as exploring the advantages of coconuts and reflecting on ways to contribute to the cultivation of a more grateful and harmonious ecology.

Decorating their own Coconut Husk

Following their exploration of coconuts, the educators get the chance to personalize their own coconut husks, which they will then use to craft flower pots to take home. As coconut husks are a sustainable and eco-friendly material and are a natural byproduct of the coconut industry, which will be discarded as waste, they can contribute to reducing environmental impact by repurposing these husks into flower pots.

Nature Explorers at Imbiah

Educators embarked on an enriching journey of exploration along the Imbiah Trail. As they delved deeper, they gained valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of cohabitation among diverse species, witnessing firsthand the harmonious balance that sustains this ecosystem. Beyond their study of nature, they also uncovered the fascinating history of Mount Imbiah.


Sense of Smell by Scentopia

Embark on an  olfactory adventure at Singapore’s first digitized perfumery, where educators delve into the enigmatic realm of the human sense of smell and its profound influence on perception. Gaining a deeper understanding about senses, and why senses are important to us. Prior to concocting the different fragrances, educators underwent a quiz to ascertain their favored scent profiles. They then meticulously sampled each essence from the array of bottles available, discerningly selecting those they desired to infuse into their personalized perfume blends, which they will drip the scent into their individually engraved bottles.

SSDB Partners' Month has been exciting and insightful for educators, brimming with opportunities for professional growth. Educators engaged in various programs, each offering unique perspectives and innovative concepts for integration into their SSDB projects. These initiatives served as sources for inspiration, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies among educators, ultimately enriching their approach to SSDB implementation.

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