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EtonHouse Bilingual Preschool: Project Upcycle 123

In light of the increasingly extreme and widespread fire seasons and forest wildfires that have been happening recently, EtonHouse Bilingual Preschool decided to grasp the opportunity to create awareness with the hope of everyone sparing a thought for the students’ favourite animal, pandas, and our Earth.

The idea mainly consisted of an artwork of a panda, made out of recyclable materials such as newspaper. To create the artwork, two methods were used - namely magazine strip silhouette and paper collage. The students first identified the colours needed – green, black, white and blue. Next, using recycled materials they have in their classroom, the students categorised the recycled materials into 4 different piles according to colour. Through collaborative work, each student helped to glue and stick the different components together to create a panda artwork with a bamboo forest backdrop.

Images of students crafting parts and pieces of the artwork.

With the pure intention of protecting their favourite animal, the artwork was created from scratch with the students’ special touch of love. This arts and crafts activity allowed them to indulge in a better experience of playing a part in upcycling and at the same time, spread the good word about sustainability. In addition, the students hoped that their artwork would remind people of the pandas, who are suffering from the effects of climate change.

Images of students engrossed in the process and final artwork.

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