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Educational and Fun Learning Journey for preschoolers and educators @ Fort Siloso

This learning journey to Fort Siloso at Sentosa enables students to take a step back in time and discover the rich history of Singapore during World War 2. This learning journey consists of a 95 minutes tour and 25 minutes workshop. It will be conducted in a quiz game format with 8 checkpoints to engage the students and get them to be excited about the different parts of the journey.

Students will learn about the inception of Fort Siloso and how it played an important role before and during the Japanese occupation. They will get to know how Fort Siloso is the only remaining defence fort that played a part during the war. As they go through the trail they will be able to see how Singaporeans practised their way of life in the days before and during World War 2.

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The students will firstly be brought up to the skywalk and as they cross the skywalk they will learn about the history of Sentosa. We will be introducing to the students how it used to be a defence post for the British and more!

Students will then be brought to the WWII Exhibition where they will experience Britain’s role and understand the explanation behind the important moments captured in a photograph.

Next they will be going to The Occupation Years Exhibition to understand what happened when the Japanese troops took over Singapore!

Students will be going to the Wartime Staple Garden and see what people had to consume in the past while battling the lack of resources for food.

We will then bring them to the last stop which is the Surrender Chambers and end off with a craft workshop!

At the end of the learning journey, students will be able to understand and see the difference in how people lived their life, their environment and community. Students are able to appreciate and compare the difference in their lifestyle currently to how our forefathers lived.

For preschools who are interested in learning journeys, please contact James at 8163 0125 or

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