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Educational and Fun Learning Journey for preschoolers and educators @ Mount Imbiah Trail

A tranquil place to escape to nature - the Mount Imbiah Trail at Sentosa can also be a place for the purpose of solidifying the learning of our children.

This learning journey to Imbiah Trail provides preschoolers the opportunity to explore nature and peek into the uniqueness of Mount Imbiah. Consisting of a 60 minutes trail and a 40 minutes craft session, children will be further engaged with an observation sheet to note down their learning by unleashing their creativity and drawing them.

Children will learn about the varying plants and trees that are unique to the Imbiah trail, and to differentiate between the many types of leaf shapes and arrangements. Along the trail, they will also learn how to differentiate between natural materials and trash - allowing them to develop an awareness of recycling and nurture their love for nature.

The main trail consists of 3 checkpoints - the Imbiah Falls, where children will gain deeper insight into its history and begin spotting their first leaf (pinnately lobed shape); the Tempinis Cascade, where they will learn all about the many fun facts of the waterfall and spot their next two leaves (sagittate and oblong shaped); lastly, the Rock Dragon Waterfall, where the story of how it came about will be shared with the children and they will spot a statue of the Oriental Magpie Robin, learning more about this nationally threatened species.

To end off the learning journey, the children will be involved in a craft session and apply their newfound knowledge from the trail. They will be divided into groups with the goal to create a chart on what belongs and what does not belong to nature, with items that will be provided to them. The session will conclude with a sharing segment where the children will share about their charts in groups, to allow other peers to learn together.

Together with the positive impacts of outdoor learning - such as helping children to develop an appreciation and deeper understanding of the world around them while discovering and learning, they will leave Mount Imbiah with a newfound sense of gratitude for our nature and environment.

For preschools who are interested in learning journeys, please contact James at 8163 0125 or

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