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Crafting Time - Exploring Science of Play at Born to Play and Learn by UniSIM

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

At UniSIM’s Born to Play and Learn conference, educators spent two days engaged in a lively discussion on how play and active learning helps aids in the development of the children. The many concurrent workshops provided many hands-on experience for educators to get their hands dirty and learn refreshing ways to engage the children.

Our team had a chance to share about Science of Play to the educators. As a site set up to encourage teachers and parents to use everyday materials for learning, this is a good place to look for ideas for active learning. This is one of the only local site putting together creative teaching and learning ideas which showcases materials that are easily available. It is also conveniently categorized into themes and has learning outcomes, guided by local curriculum framework, spelt out to aid teacher planning and parent‘s understanding.

This is indeed a site for educators by educators. Thus, all were encouraged to contribute ideas to grow the community.

Teachers were very eager to try out the various play activities, such as broad bean counters, floor maze using straws and coloured salt for making art.

As time run out for the workshop, teachers were still enthusiastically touching up their activities.

Look at their beautiful work!

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