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Cherie Hearts @ Charlton: Reshaping the 3Rs with 6Rs

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton has drawn inspiration from their ideals of loving the earth, doing their part to cut down on waste and how to involve children to learn how to take care of the earth. As such, they have come up with the 6Rs which is to reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse, rethink, repair.

Through the participation of Kindred Studio’s Project Upcycle 123, the preschool’s children learnt the principles of the 6Rs whilst being able to contribute to a positive change by transforming milk cartons into dog kennels and kitchen sets. The children also honed their motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination during the creation process.

In the planning segment of the project, the children were involved in the brainstorming process where they all came up with various creative ideas and to think outside the box on the possibilities of utilizing milk cartons while still being on the basis of the 6Rs. This facilitated the development of creativity within the children.

As a teacher from the preschool commented, “Thinking outside the box helps character development because it creates a responsible individual who appreciates things around them.”

As John Denver once said, “Love the earth as you would love yourself.” At the end of the day, even through challenges such as obtaining the materials for the upcycling project, the limited space the project had to be done on and the concerns with some parents. This project allowed children to broaden their minds on their concepts of 6Rs, upcycling and how they could contribute to reducing environmental waste.

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