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Carpe Diem Kinder Ace: Project Upcycle 123 - 4Rs & Upcycling

In light of global warming which is an ongoing worldwide issue, Carpe Diem Kinder Ace settled on the theme of 4Rs & Upcycling to spread awareness and concern for the project.

Activities such as using recycled materials to create a mini garden were conducted amongst the students, with the purpose of gaining deeper insight on the effects of global warming and how they can all individually play a part in saving the earth.

Images of the Children Growing their Mini Garden

Incorporating both artistic and understanding skills, the students made use of recyclable materials such as tyres and toilet paper rolls for their creations. Besides building a mini garden, they also made musical instruments and terrariums. DIY games such as bowling and hockey too - what a wide and interesting range!

Images of the Terrariums, Musical Instruments and Games that the Children created

In conclusion, the project allowed the students to experience how everyone can play their part in the environment and, at the same time, have a fun-filled experience with their classmates.

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