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Capella Preschool Singapore: Project Upcycle 123

With four individual creations, Capella Preschool Singapore unleashed their creativity and showcased their level of innovation. Materials such as crayons and cereal boxes, which can be easily found at home, were used to create both musical and artistic creations.

Musical Instruments

Inspired by displays in the Art and Science Museum Singapore, the students were motivated to create musical instruments with recyclable materials that they readily had in school. Both instruments, which required natural wind or force to blow to create sound, were made using milk formula containers and yarns. What a way to upcycle after emptying your milk formula containers instead of discarding them!

Images of Children creating a Spinning Musical Instrument with Milk Cartons

Upcycling Crayons

The students also engaged in collecting and sorting short and stubby crayons around the school. These crayons were melted using a hairdryer and poured into moulds to form artistically pleasing art products. This way, crayons that are too short for students to use can be upcycled and used again, without having to purchase new crayons – encouraging sustainability.

Images of the Process of Creating the Marvellous Art Products

Light Catcher

Making full use of boxes available in the school, a student embarked on a third creation – a light catcher. A hole was cut and a piece of contact paper was pasted on it, then decorated with dried flowers, lemon and leaves, and a beautiful bunny was created which can catch lights. This project not only encourages students to play a part in contributing to recycling but also allows them to take pride in their work as this student requested to put her bunny up as a classroom decoration, which can in turn inspire her to realise the importance of her own contributions.

Images of the Process of Creating a Light Catcher

Exploration & creation

Given the opportunity to explore various materials and loose parts, the Nursery Two students came up with the idea of creating a decorative item by tying ribbons on a stick to hang different things. With the assistance of the teachers, they were able to attach and hang different materials onto the stick. The students found it enjoyable to observe the materials move and make sounds.

Images of the Children Exploring how they can use the Given Recyclable Materials

All in all, the students of Capella Preschool Singapore enjoyed the enriching experience of learning and contributing to sustainability, while letting their creativity flow, producing amazing creations.

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