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Bright Kids School House: Project Upcycle 123

Exploring the idea of upcycling and combining it with the theme of Singapore, the students of Bright Kids School House came to a consensus of settling on creating a 3-dimensional structure of Sentosa Island using recyclable materials for the project.

Prior to this project, the students visited places of interest such as Gardens By the Bay, Changi Airport, and many other iconic locations.

Afterwards, to kick off the project, the students were involved in various discussions – which attraction spots they would like to have featured in the structure, exploration of potential materials they can use, etc.

The students of Bright Kids School House rose to the occasion and put their creative minds to work while deciding on recyclable materials for various parts of their structure – long cardboard tubes and strings for cable cars, toilet rolls for support of monorails and more.

Images of Cable Cars and Monorails made out of Recyclable Materials.

Displaying their creativity, determination and effort, the students actively collaborated with their teachers and successfully completed their marvelous creation while contributing to the efforts of reducing waste and learning more about sustainability along the way! The students also got to learn more about Singapore, their home country.

Image of End Product.

Overall, Project Upcycle 123 was a memorable and valuable experience for the students as they had the opportunity to understand the purpose and importance of caring for our nature and that every single one of them can play a part too!

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