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1st Project Tinker Kit Pop-up Exhibition

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Finally, the much-anticipated finale of Project Tinker Kit took place on 19 December 2015. Preschool Market organized the promised pop-up exhibition to display the masterpieces created by participants of the four-month-long project. Parents and children alike were delighted, if not excited to see their works being admired (of course, these were given back to the children after the exhibition). We were pleasantly surprised that after two craft sessions and three months of crafting in school, the children of Le Kottage Childcare Centre could not only work on activities given in the Activities Guide but the teachers also explored various new craft with the children. 

It was a time of craft, games and presents at the function room in a condominium in Bukit Gombak as this special event was held in conjunction with Project Love Lunch’s Dear Santa party ( Preschool Market also conducted a clay session for the preschoolers. Their enthusiasm was boundless and the number of designs they came up with left many amazed. Some even refused to stop for lunch and had to be coaxed to eat!

There were older children at the event as well, given that Project Love Lunch supports children up to 12 years old. So while the younger ones played with clay, they had fun playing charades and bowling. 

The children also participated in simple body painting and balloon sculpting.

Another highlight was the photo booth where participants could take photographs with whatever props they wanted and go home with a Polaroid picture of themselves!

And what’s a party without presents? The wishes that the children made were fulfilled by secret Santas at the event. The smiles on their faces were the priceless reward the volunteers craved.

Preschool Market is delighted to have worked alongside Project Love Lunch on this meaningful project. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and contributors who have made Project Tinker Kit possible. Ah, can you hear the children shouting "Thank you!"?

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