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Start Small Dream Big - Kindness Day!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The N2 & K2 children from Salvation Army Ang Mo Kio Childcare worked together on Kindness Day to bring cheer and love to some construction workers near their school. The children had been focusing on being kind and talking about kind and loving acts during lessons and activities as it was KINDNESS MONTH in their classes. The K2’s had spoken about the construction workers who were working under the hot sun to help build the new train tracks near their school. The children had also noticed some of the construction workers having their lunch at the void decks and had spoken to them before. The children decided that they wanted to say thank you to the construction workers who worked so hard in the sun and the idea to make thirst quenching honey lemon drinks was born!

The children spent the morning working together in pairs and with their teachers squeezing lemons, stirring in honey and jumping up and down with the bottles to mix the honey lemon juice. In total the children managed to make 50 bottles of honey lemon water for the construction workers. In the afternoon, the children and teachers loaded up their trolley with the bottles of drinks and walked nearer to the construction site. Some of the construction workers met them there and the children presented their drinks, made with love, to the construction workers. 

The children and construction workers spoke for awhile and then the construction workers made their way back to the construction site with their cooling drinks. 

The children gave each other hugs and used kind words to remind their friends how awesome each of them were for being kind, thoughtful and helpful.

By Grace Victoria, Teacher @ Salvation Army Childcare  ​(Thanks Grace!) 

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