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Last Saturday marked a joyous occasion for Project Replay @ PlayPan, as families from Sengkang East gathered for a heartwarming event organized by Preschool Market. The event aimed to bring families together, promote sustainability through the collection of preloved toys, and foster creativity with interesting craft activities.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter as families headed down to Project Replay @ PlayPan to participate in this unique experience. The event was not just about collecting preloved toys; it was a testament to the community's spirit of giving back and families having the chance to give these toys a second home. 

Interaction with Mr Marcus Loh:

Mr Marcus Loh, Branch Chairperson of PAP Sengkang East division, expressed that, "Every child in Singapore should feel blessed to grow up in a society where family background doesn't dictate their future. We aim to build a nation based on merit, respect, and compassion – starting in Sengkang East, and doing so in concert with initiatives like Project Replay @ PlayPan.” Mr Loh personally engaged with families, contributing to a warm and inclusive atmosphere. 

Crafts and Creativity:

Families and children had the opportunity to unleash their creativity through various craft activities. One of the standout crafts was the handmade harmonica workshop, where children eagerly crafted their musical instruments. With all hands on deck, another creative endeavor involved making snow globes out of recycled materials, reinforcing the importance of sustainability and repurposing in a fun and interactive way.

Fulfilling Our Purpose:

The smiles on the faces of both children and parents attested to the success of the event.Project Replay @ PlayPan not only brought community members together but also fulfilled its purpose of giving back. The joyous atmosphere and positive interactions reflected the success of the event in fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the families.

Ms Su Fen Cheong, founder of Preschool Market shared, "Project Replay embodies our commitment to accessibility and sustainability in education. Witnessing families benefit from repurposed resources while fostering learning and togetherness in the community reaffirms our mission."

In the spirit of community engagement and giving back, Project Replay @ PlayPan was a resounding success. The event showcased the power of community collaboration between Preschool Market, preschools and the public who donated their preloved toys and books. As we reflect on the day filled with laughter, crafts, and the collection of preloved toys, it becomes evident that such events play a crucial role in strengthening the bonds that tie communities together. The Project Replay @ PlayPan stands as a shining example of how simple gestures can make a profound impact on the lives of those in our community. 

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