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Preschool Tour in Sabah

Tadika Tzu Yu Bersepadu

Preschool Market was privileged to have the opportunity to visit three preschools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah recently in early September. Tadika Tzu Yu Bersepadu was the first Sabahan preschool we headed to visit. At the heart of its long term success and sustainability is a carefully crafted and innovative school curriculum, warm caring teachers and a family-like school culture that caters to the holistic development of young learners. From the moment we stepped into the school's premises, it was evident that Tadika Tzu Yu Bersepadu prides itself on creating a welcoming and nurturing environment. The principal greeted us with a warm smile, setting the tone for a memorable visit. We immediately felt the sense of community and care that permeated the school.

As we began our tour, it became apparent that Tadika Tzu Yu Bersepadu's commitment to holistic education was at the forefront of everything they do. The principal explained that their curriculum extends far beyond academics, emphasizing character development, emotional intelligence, and physical well-being.One of the standout features of the school is its multilingual approach to education. We observed classrooms where students effortlessly switched between Mandarin, English, and Bahasa Melayu. The principal stressed the importance of linguistic diversity in preparing students for an interconnected world. It was clear that the children were not just learning but they were having fun at the same time too.

As our preschool tour at Tadika Tzu Yu Bersepadu concluded, we left with hearts full of gratitude for the enriching experience. The principal's passion for education and the school's commitment to nurturing young minds left an indelible mark on us.

Tadika Jolly Learners

We embarked on our second preschool visit at Tadika Jolly Learners, a half an hour drive away from our first preschool visit. From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere at Tadika Jolly Learners was one of warmth and cheer. This unique preschool, nestled amidst lush greenery, offers an open-concept learning experience that not only ignites young minds but also nurtures their connection with the natural world. The principal greeted us with a friendly smile, instantly putting us at ease and setting the tone for an exciting journey through the world of early education.

As we began our tour, it was apparent that Tadika Jolly Learners is dedicated to fostering a creative, dynamic learning and open classroom environment. The school's layout, colorful classrooms, and engaging displays reflected a commitment to making learning an exciting adventure for young minds.

We learned at Tadika Jolly Learners that they believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Their innovative curriculum goes beyond traditional academics to incorporate art, music and physical activities. It was inspiring to see how these elements were seamlessly integrated into the daily routine. During our tour, we had the pleasure of observing the students engaged in hands-on learning. Students were actively engaged in various activities, from science experiments to artistic creations. Their teachers also ensured that while having fun they also practiced safety as their first priority.The emphasis on experiential learning was evident, encouraging children to explore, question, and discover.

Tadika Jolly Learners is indeed a place where the journey of joy and learning begins, and where young learners thrive in an environment that celebrates curiosity, creativity, and community.


Last but not least, we arrived at PACOS for our final preschool visit. This tour was unlike any other, as it not only introduced us to PACOS Preschool but also immersed us in a fascinating garden tour and community processing house managed by Kivatu Nature Farm and Moyog Innovation House, their social enterprise arm.

Our preschool tour began at PACOS Preschool, an institution that places a strong emphasis on community involvement, sustainability, and cultural preservation. We were immediately struck by the inviting learning spaces, which were a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing young minds. It felt like entering a close-knit village community. The school's design and layout exude a village-like atmosphere, complete with open spaces, wooden structures, and lush greenery. This design was then explained to be intentional, aiming to create an environment where students feel connected to nature and each other.

We were then invited to a sharing session about the history of PACOS and the school’s mission to serve the community. As we sat and listened attentively, the principal conveyed that PACOS Preschool is more than just a place of learning; it's a community of purpose. The school's name, derived from the term "Partners of Community Organizations in Sabah," signifies its commitment to fostering a strong bond with the local communities it serves. PACOS Preschool celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Sabah. The principal spoke passionately about the school's efforts to preserve and promote local traditions, languages, and customs. This cultural immersion ensures that students grow up with a deep appreciation for their roots.

One of the highlights of our visit was the garden tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, we strolled through lush gardens teeming with a variety of plants and herbs. It was not just a tour; it was an immersive experience that allowed us to connect with nature and learn about the importance of sustainable agriculture.Our journey continued as we explored the community processing house managed by Kivatu Nature Farm and Moyog Innovation House. Here, we witnessed traditional and innovative methods of food processing and preservation. It was a captivating insight into the rich cultural heritage and modern sustainable practices of the local communities.

Our day at PACOS culminated in a heartwarming experience—a delicious lunch prepared by the PACOS team. The meal was a testament to the school's commitment to sustainability and community. It featured locally sourced ingredients and traditional dishes that celebrated the region's culinary heritage.

Our tour of PACOS was not just about classrooms and buildings; it was a journey through the heart of a community deeply committed to education, sustainability, and cultural preservation. The school's dedication to nurturing young minds while preserving the environment and local traditions was truly inspiring.

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