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PCF Sparkletots @Nee Soon Central Blk 723: Championing the 3Rs in One’s Own Way

In light of all the natural disasters past and ongoing – the COVID-19 pandemic included – PCF Sparkletots @Neesoon Central Blk 723 decided to settle on the theme of caring for Mother Earth and the community for their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project.

‘3 Rs: The Key to a Clean and Safe Environment’ was also conceptualized from the students’ big concerns about how to achieve a clean and safe environment. Through activities such as upcycling, the children learnt more about the ‘Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle’ whilst making a positive impact transforming used items. One example is how they gave empty big carton boxes a new life as recycling bins.

Image of students creating posters to convey their thoughts on keeping the environment clean.

They were also engaged in poster-making, which they deeply enjoyed as they were able to spread the good word of sustainability adding their own special touch.

Image of students using recyclables to create and design their recycling bins.

To show care for the community and to express heartfelt gratitude to our frontline workers, the children created flowers and ‘thank you’ letters using recyclables like plastic bottles and egg cartons. These were given to bus captains, teachers, and hawkers around the neighbourhood.

The children also had a hand in brainstorming ideas for the SSDB project. They voted to have a mini garden in which apple, watermelon, and papaya seeds would be planted. Subsequently, the students would track the growth process and care for the plants. This activity made the children more inclined to be kind towards the flora and fauna they encountered in their daily lives. Another similar suggestion was to implement a neighbourhood walk, so the students could be introduced to and observe the different flowers and plants around the area.

On the positive impact of the SSDB project, Gerylle Tengco, an English Teacher at PCF Sparkletots @Neesoon Central Blk 723 says, “Through this project, both the teachers and students will have an increased awareness about how to sustain a clean and safe environment. I feel that this will be helpful to them and if they could apply the different practices taught, we could achieve our goal.”

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