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PCF Sparkletots @Kaki Bukit Blk 525: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint, One Step At A Time

PCF Sparkletots Kaki Bukit Blk 525 was inspired by the children’s discussions about how they can do their part to save the earth and inspire others in the community to join them in their journey of “Reducing our Carbon Footprint one step at a time”. We wanted the project to be meaningful, so we integrated 3 core values of Care (for the earth), Kindness (for the Frontliners) and Compassion (for the Elderly).

The project kicked off with an appreciation for the teachers in other centres where a “Teacher Survival Kit” was prepared. Each kit contained items such as a tote bag, hand sanitiser, cup holder and an appreciation card prepared by children and their parents.

They held 4 zoom sessions with the elderly from Sparkle Care @ Eunos. Our children celebrated National Day with the seniors virtually and participated in an online arts and craft session together. For the finale, both the children and seniors danced together virtually using props they created during the crafting session.

Overall, the SSDB project was challenging for the teachers due to the pandemic restrictions. It was a valuable lesson for teachers to understand that learning can happen in many ways and not restricted to the 4 walls of the classroom. This project also allowed the children to experience how every one of them can do their part for the community. In addition, it was an enriching experience for the seniors as they interacted with the children through movement and craft activities. It made them happy as they feel valued being part of the community.

Find out more about their SSDB project here

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