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My First Skool Bukit Batok West: Dynamic Duo, Double the Effort

Doing justice to their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Project – ‘Stay Connected, Make a Difference’ – My First Skool Bukit Batok West decided to two tackle two important issues.

The preschool has deciphered a way to educate the children on saving the environment and instilling in them an appreciation and respect for the elderly. Utilising the issue of sustainability to further their cause of developing healthy relationships between the students and the elders.

Prior to the SSDB project, the centre was already in the midst of a venture – monthly calls were conducted via zoom between the children and the elderly to promote communication and bridge the communication gap an age gap might create.

It also serves the children well to gain exposure and interact with people besides their peers and family members, enabling them to better assimilate to the larger world outside their bubble in the future.

Image of items collected from the Barter Trade Auction donated to Bukit Batok West U-Health Centre.

In an additional effort, students will be engaged in an upcycling activity, where they will make crafts out of recyclables such as toilet rolls, plastic bottles, and tin cans. These crafts will be sold to parents and the funds collected will go to an elder care centre the school has collaborated with.

My First Skool Bukit Batok West also plans to create a kit that students can take home and work on with their parents. The materials and activities within the kit will vary depending on the age level of the child. This kit will encourage sustainable practices whilst simultaneously developing care and appreciation for the elderly within the students.

On the pandemic, Miss Safiah Bte Mohammad, English Lead Teacher, expressed, “Singapore has gone through many trials, I am positive that we can overcome such a difficult obstacle and we’ll be stronger for it. It’s just like the SSDB project, it requires the efforts of many people working together to succeed, which I believe we will.”

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