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Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra: Kickstarting the Right Mindset to Last a Lifetime

For Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra’s Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project, they decided to focus on caring for the environment and Plant Earth as a whole. The preschool believes it to be a very timely topic now as it’s in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 – a campaign they desire to lend their full support to.

The main goal of ‘Go Green, To Keep Singapore Clean’ is to promote sustainability and raise awareness on how everyone can do their part to help Mother Earth and succeed in building a cleaner environment in the long run.

Marie Nuelvi R. Pecho, an English Senior Teacher at Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra says, “We believe that everyone – regardless of age – should have at least some knowledge about the environmental issues occurring currently. As everyone can contribute in their own way, no matter how small the impact.”

Students placing newspaper into the recycling box.

The project featured six activities in total for the children and their parents to be engaged in. The activities were: donation of recyclables to school, helping to conserve energy by using the stairs, participating in an outdoor clean-up, opting to use reusable bags during grocery shopping, upcycling, and participating in the ‘Fold Your Own Bin’ activity in line with the Singapore Clean Campaign.

The children were given a game card that had all the above activities listed to help them keep track of what they’ve completed. Upon completion, students would feel a sense of joy and accomplishment having successfully done all designated activities.

Ultimately, it’s not the involvement in these initiatives that matter as much, but the mindset and the insights the children glean from participating. The preschool very much hopes that this project will kickstart their students’ lives as responsible members of society and the larger global community.

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