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MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington: You Reap What You Sow

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Entitled,‘OurKinder-Garden’, MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington’s Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project this year revolves around the theme of staying connected and making a difference despite the restrictions of the pandemic.

To learn more about food sustainability, the children will experience the hands-on activity of growing their own produce and subsequently sharing the harvest with the needy community. The aim of the activity is to allow them to better understand how they can make a difference and spur them a heart for giving and sharing.

Currently, the children are excitedly attempting to mass-grow their seedlings and are anxiously awaiting the fruits of their labor.

It’s truly a novel experience for them. As a quick survey conducted by their teachers showed that most of them did not understand where exactly produce came from, nearly all of them believed that they were simply found in grocery stores.

This was determined to be a ground-up initiative – the students were the ones who decided on the theme, as the educators wanted them to feel more connected to the project as it developed.

Image of students weaving bags using recycled lanyards.

Upcycling was an important element throughout the entirety of the project. In partnership with Preschool Market, the school had access to a variety of recyclables. Aside from utilising these recyclables for the garden as planting boxes, lanyards and standees were also collected. The lanyards were used to create carrier bags and the standees were revamped tobe signages for the different produce.

Ultimately, all these activities were meant to instil in the children the value of hard work and patience. To teach the children one important aphorism – you reap what you sow.

The Centre Head of MOE Kindergarten @ Wellington would like to thank all caregivers who provided support throughout the project, “All of the parents were such an integral part because they were all so supportive.”

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