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Little Seeds Preschool (Calvary Baptist): Kindness Lights the Way Always

Although Little Seeds Preschool (Calvary Baptist) does not have a working title for their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project, all events they plan revolve around the theme, ‘Stay Connected, Make a Difference’. The preschool believes it to be extremely relevant to the current times, especially in light of the COVID-19 restrictions on physical meet-ups.

The centre also believes that the project allows the children the valuable opportunity to be part of a larger initiative and national movement that will enable them to aid the community in their own way.

Collaboration with St. Luke's Eldercare

In collaboration with Preschool Market, Little Seeds Preschool (Calvary Baptist) will engage the students in numerous activities that concurrently promote sustainability. One activity will allow the children to utilise recyclables to produce decorative crafts which will be subsequently sold. The proceeds from the fundraising will be donated to St Luke’s Eldercare. The decorative crafts were given to them as gifts too.

The educators of the preschool want to instil in the children that no matter their age, they can be of help and service to those in need in their own way. With hope that the larger community will acknowledge their efforts rather than focus on the outcome.

Playgroup (Blossoms) class's artwork

Katerine Lesmana, a childcare educator at Little Seeds Preschool (Calvary Baptist) wants to reassure all those who doubt they cannot make a difference, “Everybody can make a difference if they desire, because when there’s a will there’s a way.”

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