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June - celebration of goodness achieved

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

In the blink of an eye, it is June again, Preschool Market has gone live for a year and it had been a fruitful year! In fact, June began with a triple celebration: our anniversary month, Project Love Lunch’s 1st birthday and Kids Stop’s 2nd birthday!

​On 4 June, we brought the children to Kids Stop for celebrations! After working with Project Love Lunch’s children for Project Tinker Kit, we are really touched by their work and have been helping them with craft activities and excursions for the children. It is our hope to fill the children’s hearts and minds, on top of filling their tummies.

The children were thrilled by the variety of engaging activities in Kids Stop and most of them cannot bear to leave the place. As it was Kids Stop's celebrations, there were special performances, ice cream, cake and not forgetting a generous goodie bag!

Kids Stop also kindly provided Project Love Lunch with a party room for the latter to celebrate the birthdays of those born in April, May and June. Recipients also took the chance to show appreciation to the founder and volunteers who without fail bring them lunch and groceries weekly, as well as helping out with other contingency events.

The highlight of the party was the cute Angry Bird piñata made by Dynamic Arts Creations. What made this special was that you activated it by pulling strings instead of hitting it. If you would like to make a similar piñata, do sign up for our workshop at Maker Faire on 26 June morning - All proceeds will go to Project Love Lunch.

Project Love Lunch Founder was so touched by the event that she penned the following poem to all the children:

Hope You Remember I hope you remember who held your little hands, fed your little tummies during the weekends when you were small

I hope you remember that though now you are getting bigger and stronger you will learn to spread kindness to all around you

I hope you remember that though life may not be as nice as you wish it were to be now but you can shape your future to what you wish it to be I hope you remember to be grateful for all you have now and not whine for what you may not have because one day, child, you will be able to have what you wish for as long as you walk in the right direction.

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