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Star Learners @ CCK Sports Centre: Never too young to cultivate healthy habits

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The pandemic saw fewer individuals exercising at Choa Chu Kang Stadium. Seeing that, Star Learners @ CCK Sports Centre decided to embark on an important mission – spreading awareness on the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle – and kick-started their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Project, ‘Let’s Reach Out’! First up, they engaged with their parents over a virtual Zumba session, which took place on Parents’ Day. They shared the workout steps by ActiveSG, and taught their parents how to properly execute a workout routine, from warming-up and hydration to cooling down. Our children were over the moon as they conducted the activity for their parents, and were full of energy for the rest of the day!

Children made use of recyclable materials and items from Kindred Studio @ Preschool Market to make exercise equipment such as dumbbells.

Children were also tasked to keep up with their active lifestyle at home. Using recyclables provided by Preschool Market, parents and children bonded. as they meticulously made exercise equipment such as dumbbells together!

Our littles ones as open collaborators, putting together their drawings of what healthy living looks like.

Amidst the regulations, our little ones believe there are many ways to reach out to the community. In addition to engaging their families, our little ones at Star Learners @ CCK Sports Centre produced a video to spread the word! Through their doodles, they shared exercises, healthy eating and lifestyle habits that everyone can easily practise at home!

As children have always been on the receiving end when it comes to knowledge sharing, this project wishes to engage in role reversal – to have our children actively model and encourage the adults to better value their health.

Beginning Preschool Teacher, Syuhadah Binti Ridzuan, says, “[The SSDB Project] serves as a reminder that although the pandemic has taken away a lot of our privileges, we still can do wonderful things if we come together. And what better way for our children to show us that!”

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