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Greenland Childcare @ Kallang Bahru: Mother Earth Needs Every Effort

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

For Greenland Childcare @ Kallang Bahru’s Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project, the preschool decided to think outside the box – by literally taking children out of the confines of the classroom to educate them on the importance of keeping Singapore clean. What better way to learn more about the environment than being in the great outdoors?

In commemoration of Earth Day this year, the preschool launched their project on the very same day, entitled ‘Little Green Fingers’. Parents were invited to the ceremony and were able to watch their little ones get their hands dirty and plant seedlings in pots and trays.

The caregivers were also able to witness the fruition of their efforts – they had previously contributed the necessities that were required for this gardening project, such as watering cans and spades.

During the process of developing the garden, the children were assigned duties and had to perform said duties with their respective teachers. Each class was rostered to perform tasks: weeding, watering and fertilising.

Image of a parent and child using a shovel to transfer soil into a pot during the Earth Gardening Ceremony.

The students’ and their parents both played a part in contributing to the success of the project. “The number of parents who contributed was astounding and the products they donated were of great use. “The children also did their part really well, I believe they enjoyed themselves more as each day went by,” said Ms Angeline from Greenland Childcare.

Kang Kong, Spinach, Kai Lan, and Peppermint were just some examples of the array of edible plants planted. All of which will be for sale to the parents, the funds collected will be donated to a charity organisation called, ‘The Touch Community’.

Image of students acting as ambassadors to outreach further ways of conserving water.

Image of student picking up litter to keep Singapore clean

Additionally, the students participated in ‘World Water Day’ and ‘Keep Clean, Singapore’. The children were engaged in a variety of activities for these two events. They were instructed to help pick up litter, brainstorm various methods of preserving water and even distributed hand-made brochures on water preservation to the public. They even acted as Water Wally and Water Sally at the public amphitheatre to further spread word on the importance of water conservation.

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