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Dine@Art Fund-raising & Food Distribution

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines West Blk 942 put together an enriching experience for Start Small Dream Big project for the children to have a chance to give back to the society. They were involved in every phase, from creating art works, to setting up a restaurant, purchasing, packing and finally distributing the groceries. The children had a complete experience of fund-raising and reaped the fruits of the smiles on the faces of the recipients. We were privileged to join the children on a trip to Giant Hypermarket on 8 June 2016.

Prior to this grocery trip, the preschoolers created artwork for an art auction and set up a restaurant in their school, serving their parents food and beverages. The proceeds from the Restaurant Day and freewill donation were used to purchase groceries for the needy families. Teacher Claren, also incorporated elements from the IDA Playmaker Pilot to create a lighted signboard and also a buzzer for the restaurant.

Here are some of the photographs from the restaurant day, kindly provided by Teacher Claren:

With the funds raised from the restaurant and art sale, about 40 K1 and K2 preschoolers aged 5 to 6 set off to Giant Hypermarket with high spirits and excitement. They were looking forward to getting groceries for the needy families. Even in the bus, they were eagerly sharing their supermarket experiences with each other.

Upon arrival to the Hypermarket, the preschoolers were split into three different groups, accompanied by their teachers. Each group was responsible for getting different household necessities and groceries. Through this grocery trip, the preschoolers also had an opportunity to learn about various household items outside of their classroom, as their teachers introduced them to the items that they passed by.

Teacher Claren introducing the various types of rice that can be found in the Hypermarket to the preschoolers who listened intently.

Shortly after, the preschoolers located their items in the various lanes. Before picking out the groceries and placing them into the trolley, the teachers introduced the food labels to the preschoolers. For example, checking for a healthier choice label on the product. Also, teachers reminded the preschoolers to check for the expiry date before picking up the product. The preschoolers were eager to help their teachers in picking up the items, and they worked together as a team, forming a relay system with one another to transfer the items into the trolley.

Relay system to pass the cans of sardines!

The bottle of oil may be heavy, but with strong determination, our young preschoolers persevered!

Counting and making sure he grabs the right number of packets needed

With three trolleys full of household products and groceries, the preschoolers regrouped and proceeded to the checkout counters together. Once again, they worked well with one another to collaboratively place the items on the conveyor belt to be checked out.

Working together to transfer the groceries onto the conveyor belt to prepare for checkout.

After the trip, the preschoolers went back to the centre to create gift tags and pack the gift hampers.

Parents from the Parent Support Group helped out with the packing of the items. These included the purchases from Giant and donations from parents of infant to nursery 2 children and also centre teachers.

Finally, the children went with teachers and parent volunteers to distribute the gift packs to the families. They were all well-received by the recipients.

The whole project was a valuable experience for our young preschoolers. It not only helped the needy families but also provided an opportunity for the preschoolers to gain a learning experience outside of their classroom. Most importantly, it has taught them to care, share and do their part for the community.

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