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Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods: Sharing with the Global Community

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

With celebrations such as Racial Harmony Day, International Cuisine Day and International Food Festival Day coming up in the upcoming school term, Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods was inspired to extend their SSDB project to an international level.

As a preschool with children from all over the world, embracing the diversity of cultures has always been a value that Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods hopes to bring across - and this project is a great opportunity to do so! Aiming to promote the acceptance of culture diversity, appreciation and respect, the school embarked on a journey to engage children in the sharing of culture diversity with the community through an Art exhibition.

Listening to the voices of children

To kickstart the project, teachers involved the children in brainstorming on the international culture they would like to focus on for this 10 week long project. For the younger age group, they were given a few examples of neighboring countries like Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and chose the countries via voting. For the older children, they had a voice to share about the countries they have visited, what they know and what they like about the country, and discuss what they want to learn. This approach facilitates spontaneous discussions that allow the children to express their thoughts and understand what international culture that they want to share during the exhibition.

Exchange Programmes with international schools

What made this SSDB project a novel experience was how the school team went an extra mile to enhance and make the learning more meaningful for the children by having exchange programmes with 2 international schools from Japan and Australia! Through the exchange programmes conducted via Zoom, the children were given an opportunity to interact with children from other countries and gain insights to their culture.

Image of children at Chatsworth Preschool interacting with Preschool children in Japan

Cultural Diversity with a Global Community Art Exhibition

Moving forward, the children were engaged in the making of landmark structures using recycled materials as well as food crafts with parents’ involvement. These were all displayed at their outdoor art exhibition, opened to the public on 27 August 2022.

Image of Food Crafts on Malaysia Cuisine

Image of Food Crafts on Australia Cuisine

Overall, the children were thrilled and enjoyed working on this “Sharing with Global Community” project. With the easing of COVID 19 restrictions, this event was an eye opener for the children’s parents as they finally had the chance to see what their children are experiencing in school and were amazed at how their children are learning so much and being so participative in this project.

Not only did the project raise awareness and instill the value of respect and acceptance of cultural differences among children at Chatsworth, such community initiative also allowed the public to gain insights to various cultures and learn to appreciate culture diversity.

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